Samsung Galaxy Note II review: Notable phablet

Samsung Galaxy Note II review: Notable phablet


Samsung introduces world’s first phablet last year and it gained much success but the Korean giant wants to get more from the world of phablets and introduces all new Galaxy Note II during the IFA this year. Samsung Galaxy Note II already reaches more than 5 million sales over worldwide. We have taken the phablet for few days and try to review it not just like other smartphones, in fact as a phablet, as Samsung says at the time of unveiling. The Galaxy Note II is an innovative device uses cutting-edge technology to make a different segment in the world of smartphones and tablets. Android of course a pie with the Galaxy Note II and S Pen is undoubtedly the icing on the pie. Not appreciating much about the phablet, let’s just start the action!

Samsung Galaxy Note II review

Samsung Galaxy Note II

What’s in the box

Samsung Galaxy Note II comes with all the common accessories as headset with a couple of earbuds, charger, Standard Li-Ion battery, quick start guide along with some documents, microUSB to USB data-cable and at last the soul of the phablet, S Pen. The box is little empty because there is no MHL adapter or not even the flip cover came inside the box. Being an expensive device, user can expect at least a cover with the phablet but Samsung knows the marketing strategy pretty well and sell the flip covers separately. All the contents are of high quality, no issues with headset and earbuds even cancels outsource sound while playing music through the headset.

Its Design

Samsung worked a lot on the designing of the Galaxy Note II. Comparing to the last year Galaxy Note, the designing department reduces the width of the Galaxy Note II by 2.5mm even with a larger display of 5.5-inch. Reduction in the width of the device helps to the phablet more ergonomic and easy-to-handle in all palm sizes. Naturally, width reduces by 2.5mm increases the height of the Galaxy Note II as compared with the first generation phablet, by 4.2mm. The Galaxy Note II feature slim-line design with 9.4mm thin steel finished plastic frame. Samsung reduces the bezel of the Galaxy Note II as comparing with the Galaxy Note. The Galaxy Note II has all-plastic construction with steel finishing on the frame. Battery back cover is also uses glossy paint rather than a rubberized or textured design. Practically we don’t like the glossy finished of high-end devices as they are large in size and can be easily slip from the hand. Battery back cover comes NFC antenna as well which enhances the NFC support as the plastic does a decent job for making the connectivity.

Samsung Galaxy Note II review

Samsung Galaxy Note II front view

Now, moving towards the components present on the Galaxy Note II, starting with the front-side, there is a 5.5-inch Super AMOLED with 720 x 1280 pixels (HD) resolution. The display uses non-PenTile screen with Corning Gorilla Glass 2 as protection. Above the display, there are a couple of sensors as ambient light sensor and proximity sensor. In the top-right of the display, there is a 1.9MP camera. Along with the earpiece on the top-center of the phablet, there is an LED notification light also present which notifies for missed calls, charging, new updates and also notifies with several other third-party apps. On the bottom of the display, there are three usual keys as menu, home and back. While menu and back are capacitive keys present on the either side of physical home key. The capacitive keys are also haptic-feedback enabled and comes with custom backlight settings. On the right side of the Galaxy Note II, there is power/lock key whereas on the left side there is a volume rocker. On the bottom there is microUSB port which is to be use for charging as well as for data syncing. Samsung Galaxy Note II is also capable of sharing contents to a larger display using MHL adapter with the microUSB port and the users can also use any USB device with the Galaxy Note II using USB OTG cable. On the top of Samsung Galaxy Note II, there is a 3.5mm jack and a secondary microphone for noise cancellation.

Samsung Galaxy Note II review

Samsung Galaxy Note II rear view

Moving towards the back of Samsung Galaxy Note II, there is an 8MP camera with LED flash, situated in the top middle. Camera lens is also protrudes inward which protects the lens from minor scratches. On the bottom there is a loudspeaker grill, placing the Galaxy Note II on level surface or mattress muffle the audio. And a last, there is S Pen slot also present at the bottom-back of the Galaxy Note II.

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