Samsung Galaxy Gear said to be unveiled on September 4

Samsung Galaxy Gear said to be unveiled on September 4

Wearable computing now set to move a step ahead as Samsung’s anticipated smartwatch Galaxy Gear is said to be unveiled on September 4. After much hyped and buzzed, Samsung Galaxy Gear is expected to be debut at the same event schedules for Samsung Galaxy Note III.

Samsung Galaxy Gear

Samsung Galaxy Gear coming soon (Image: Samsung smartwatch patent)

A couple of sources familiar to Samsung’s upcoming schedule revealed the release date of Samsung Galaxy Gear to Bloomberg. The sources said, in order to compete Apple iWatch, the Korean giant plans to unveil its smartwatch as Galaxy Gear at a press event in Berlin. However, the company has maintaining the Galaxy Gear specifications private but the news report states that the smartwatch will run on Android operating system and it can even “make phone calls, surf the Web and handle e-mails.”

Samsung has already showcased its bendable flexible display concepts at CES 2013 and other competitors including LG also came up with their flexible display but so far these display units are not available in any final shape. The same will also not available in the Galaxy Gear as well. Unlike some earlier rumours, the news report revealed that Samsung Galaxy Gear will not have a flexible display though the company will continue the development of bendable display, might be for a future device.

So finally Samsung Galaxy Gear is likely to be official even before the rumoured Apple iWatch. However, there is no information on the part of its specifications but being an Android-based smartwatch, the Galaxy Gear would have all the hardware components, including touch screen, camera sensor, processor, RAM and a microSD card slot, similar to any Android smartphone. We’ll of course cover a full report on September 4, so stay tuned for more.

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