Rovio teases for upcoming Angry Birds game, big news coming on Monday

Renowned developer and the maker of Angry Birds, Rovio teased for an upcoming announcement which is probably for the new Angry Birds Star Wars sequel. The developer has stated that a ‘big’ news coming on Monday.

Angry Birds teaser

Teaser for upcoming Angry Birds game

In a recent blog post, Rovio has hinted about the new Angry Birds Star Wars sequel announcement. The news will be announced tomorrow as the developer has clearly says that a big news about a brand new game in coming on Monday. As usual, Rovio has not stated any point about the upcoming announcement but certainly hinted about the upcoming announcement and revealed about “biggest character line-up ever, awesome new powers, and maybe even a few surprises.”

Furthermore, the teaser picture posted by Rovio is enough to cook up a story on the upcoming Angry Birds Star Wars sequel announcement on Monday. The teaser picture has popular Red Skywalker bird in a new makeover and there is a new environment surrounded along with a shadow of Storm Trooper pig at behind.

We are of course eager to cover more here, so stay tuned.

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