Rovio and DreamWorks coming up with ‘The Croods’ on March 14

Rovio and DreamWorks coming up with ‘The Croods’ on March 14

The Croods is all set to be in cinemas from March 22nd, but the popular developer Rovio with partnering DreamWorks Animation is coming up with all new ‘The Croods’ game for Android and iOS platform on March 14th. The era of Stone Age is back, the Croodaceous period is knocking our door where cavemen have to struggle for the food. The world’s first modern family, the Croods are using a new r-evolutionary tool as the IDEA! to break out the Stone Age. Yes, it is the storyline of the Croods but Rovio will of course make the era more adventurous with fun and entertainment.

The Croods

The Croods is coming on March 14th!

On announcing the Croods, Petri Järvilehto, EVP of Games at Rovio Entertainment said;

“DreamWorks Animation’s The Croods is filled with wonderful characters and creatures in an incredibly detailed, inventive world — it was just begging for its very own mobile game! It’s been an incredible experience having our two teams working closely together on extending the story to mobile platforms.”

On the other side, DreamWorks Animation’s Head of Global Interactive, Chris Hewish said;

“Rovio set the industry standard in mobile gaming with Angry Birds, and we believe their massive community of active users will go wild for The Croods. We’ve developed a close and collaborative relationship with Rovio in which our world class filmmakers created an incredible piece of custom animation on the home screen that introduces players to the game’s beautifully rich aesthetics.”

Rovio does not needs any introduction and the Angry Birds series is the most renowned classic game in the 21st century, the simple gameplay of the Angry Birds made a place in the heart of million fans. And now ‘The Croods’ is going to make a change with the complete new gameplay in a new environment of the ancient era. The new characters will more humorous than the tiny birds and the obstacles will be in the new form rather than the pigs in the Angry Birds. In simpler words, the Croods is the game for a complete new segment rather than the classy Angry Birds.

Watch official trailer of ‘The Croods’:

So guys, is the trailer appealing? Wait for the official release for Android and iOS platform which is going to take place on March 14th. Till then, get set ready for the adventurous Stone Age era!

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