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Asus Zenfone Zoom review: The Zoom-in Master

Smartphones have become quite smart. But when it comes to their comparison with DSLRs or with even some premium point-and-shoot cameras, they still lack. They lack because of fixed focal


InFocus Bingo 21 review: For selfie-obsessed youth

Youngsters nowadays just love taking selfies at every moment. They take selfies using selfie sticks, make duck faces or fish faces to express emotions in most of their selfies and


LeEco Le 1s review: Affordable yet Incredible Beast

When it comes to affordability in the smartphone market, you may have compromised in the past. But some new entrants recently entered the market to deliver you a premium experience.


Huawei Honor Holly 2 Plus review: For all battery life concerns

Battery life is one of the most significant concerns that not only hit consumers but is also adversely affecting the sales of many smartphone vendors. This is far bigger than


Asus Zenfone Max review: The ‘Power Bank’ Android

Smartphones have already transformed our lives. But one thing that is yet to be transformed in these mobile devices is their short battery life. You might have heard or even


InFocus M680 review: Affordable metallic contender

Those days are gone when metal was rare in the smartphone market. But still, it values much more than plastic or even glass, at least if crafted with a premium


HTC Desire 828 dual SIM review: A mid-ranger for multimedia lovers

Whether for listening to music or for capturing some precious memories, smartphones are becoming an integral part of many of our lives. The mid-range market segment already had some decent


InFocus M812 review: The iPhonic Android

There are many smartphone users who want an iPhone-like Android to experience both the worlds from a single device. Though there are some mid-range and premium Android smartphone options in


Asus Zenfone Selfie review: The perfect for selfie lovers

Selfies are getting closer to our lives. People just love to click their selfies, and thousands of them get uploaded on social networks each day. This has brought the demand


Lenovo U41-70 review: The Impeccable Notebook

With the swift decline in desktop market, people started opting for high-end notebooks and Ultrabooks to fulfill their computing needs. PC vendors such as Acer and HP already stepped into