RCom launches Cloud Xchange nodes in five cities across India

RCom launches Cloud Xchange nodes in five cities across India

Reliance Communications (RCom) today announced the deployment of Cloud Xchange (Cloud X) nodes in five cities across India, including Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Bengaluru and Hyderabad. This new development would provide government departments and businesses a next-generation content and cloud delivery network by the end of this year.

Global Cloud Xchange, a subsidiary of Anil Ambani-owned RCom, had set up a sub-sea cable link between Mumbai and Singapore last year that will enable the Cloud X nodes. The Cloud X platform will be expanded to 122 locations in India and global markets in the next 24 months.

On announcing the launch of new nodes, Bill Barney, Chief Executive Officer, Reliance Communications (Enterprise) and Global Cloud Xchange, said:

“Cloud X is changing the paradigm of Cloud Computing. The network must now undergo a profound transformation, from a static entity to a dynamic, intelligent, application- aware fabric that can support multiple traffic requirements, diverse geographies and flexible pricing models.”

With the deployment of Cloud X nodes, RCom is in plans to offer various small and large-scale organisations and business houses a platform where they can easily use multi-tiered enterprise applications at a faster pace than traditional cloud computing models.

Cloud Xchange nodes launch in India

Bill Barney, CEO, Reliance Communications (Enterprise) and Global Cloud Xchange at the Cloud Xchange nodes launch in India

This enhances the public cloud ecosystem in the country as well as competes against models offered by Amazon and Cisco.

Commenting on the announcement, Manoj Menon, Senior Partner & Managing Director of analyst firm Frost & Sullivan, said:

“Cloud computing has already made an impact on the everyday life of many Indians. It is driving business model innovation and helping businesses. Going forward, the impact will be even more pervasive—with innovative solutions around safe cities, smart homes, connected cars and better healthcare.”

The Cloud X platform is claimed to support network transparency and cloud orchestration to encourage organisations and to accelerate enterprise applications to the cloud.

Mumbai-headquartered Reliance Group has 11 data centres with a total capacity of 600,000 square feet spread across the country. The company uses its terrestrial fiber network as well as submarine sub-sea cable infrastructure to provide cloud computing services to government departments and businesses.

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