Pokémon Go too has backups, check out here!

The epicenter of augmented reality gaming, the newborn Pokémon Go proved to be an incredible massive hit since its release earlier this month. The relative simplicity, location-based gameplay and affordability of the game has capitalised on nostalgia and majorly account for its overwhelming popularity and buzz.

What are all alternatives to Pokémon Go?

If SurveyMonkey’s figures are to be trusted for accuracy, then Pokémon Go usage hit the mark of over 25 million smartphone users in the US exactly one week after it was launched in the region.

Why yet not so popular in India?

The focus is presently being strongly on exploration and your mobile screen. This is the reason why walking cumulative miles through hustle bustle of Indian streets could be catastrophic. Moreover, instability in internet connection makes it totally unresponsive. The augmented reality (AR) concept is still an upcoming one.

While some maybe too busy catching Pikachu, others are likely to be looking for more fun alternatives. So let us explore some other scorching hot games genres that emerged as strong alternatives to Pokémon Go and will help you to navigate the play store myriad titles. Let’s go!


If you are ready to face a fiercer challenge, here is the four years elder predecessor of Pokémon Go: none other than Ingress. This is an augmented reality massive multiplier online location-based game developed by Niantic. The game transforms the phone screen into a map of your immediate landscape with a brief that the parallel world is in imminent danger, putting you in the ominous battle of your life.

Ingress is the official predecessor of Pokémon Go

As you approach portals at nearby landmarks, you can “hack” portals for equipment, capture them for your team members, liberate your members and prevent the enslavement of humanity if it falls in wrong hands.

Zombies, Run!

Before giving the brief, you need to answer a crucial question: Are you willing to commit to a workout routine? If yes! Then here is the short version of your mission.

Zoombies, Run!

Being one of the lucky survivors of Zombie epidemic, you are entrusted with the responsibility to rebuild the human civilisation. Enroute to one of humanity’s last remaining outposts. Follow the below steps carefully to mark your winning:

AR Warriors

Whether it be home, school or your playground, you need to hold your phone parallel to the ground, create a battlefield, break through the boundaries of the real and virtual world, and chose the right opponent and right weapon to defeat the monster as and when it appears.

AR Warriors

Are you going to choose a terrific straight attack or instead weaken your opponent? The choice is yours.

Life is Crime

Ever want to be the bad guy or be someone others fear? Want to make rules and do what you want without caring about others? So that’s what Life is Crime – (another AR massively multiplayer online game) all about. Obviously!

Life is Crime

Virtually indulging in crime is a hell lot better than actually indulging in them with moral consequences! But now you have got a golden opportunity to create your own mob. Engage in a chat with the mob, commit heinous virtual crimes, and enjoy the fruits of criminal reputation!

“Do you want to virtual crime or want to check in?” Heard that? Gear up! It’s the best time to fight.

Candy Crush Saga

Walking through the world of tempting chocolates and candies — just one of those common sweet fantasies of childhood; has now been gamified into a delicious puzzle adventure.

Candy Crush Saga

This sweet saga provides you with hundreds of mouth-watering as well as brainstorming levels. Easy and fun to play, yet quite difficult to master. So don’t wait! Go and unwrap the delicious engrossing environment and satisfy your taste buds (virtually implied)!

Although Pokémon Go is keeping a large number of gamers glued to their phones, some oldies are there to shift your focus.

Overall, the alternatives to Pokémon Go will brighten up your day and make your “smartphone-led tourism” more engrossing despite the absence of the official Pokémon experience.