Phase One XF medium-format camera unveiled with Sony’s 100MP CMOS image sensor

Phase One XF medium-format camera unveiled with Sony’s 100MP CMOS image sensor

Phase One today expanded its camera lineup by unveiling the new Phase One XF 100MP camera system. The new medium-format camera sports a 100-megapixel CMOS sensor developed in collaboration with Sony.

The full-frame CMOS camera sensor on the Phase One XF 100MP camera enables true 16-bit color mode. There is also 15 f-stops of dynamic range as well as an ISO sensitivity range from 50 to 12800 and up to 60 minutes of exposure time. “The XF 100MP Camera System delivers unparalleled dynamic range, retaining unmatched detail in both highlights and shadows, packing 101,082,464 active high quality pixels,” says Henrik HÃ¥konsson, CEO, Phase One.

“This is the highest performing system that we have ever created, benefitting from a multitude of Phase One exclusive innovations developed to support our amazing customers in creating the ultimate images.”

The image sensor is 53.7 x 40.4mm in size and is designed to offer an uncompromised image quality, without any lens crop factors or focus screen masks. In addition, there is HAP-1 autofocus processor with floating point architecture to focuses on objects in a shorter span of time over traditional medium-format cameras.

Phase One XF 100MP

Phase One XF 100MP with Sony’s 100-megapixel CMOS sensor

Although the camera system has 16-bit color mode, it also backward supports the 14-bit mode. This means that you can use the camera to store images in a smaller size than what it stores in 16-bit mode. The company claims that the results will make any changes to the resolution.

The camera has a proprietary Honeybee Autofocus technology and supports Schneider Kreuznach Leaf Shutter lenses. Also, there is ‘Electronic First Curtain Shutter’ system that reduces vibration effects on high-resolution images. You can live view your results using either IQ3 touch screen or via USB or HDMI output.

Phase One XF 100MP specifications:

  • 100-megapixel CMOS image sensor
  • 50 to 12800 ISO sensitivity
  • True 16-bit color mode
  • Up to 60 minute exposure time
  • OneTouch UI
  • USB, HDMI output
  • 3,400mAh battery

The Phase One XF 100MP camera system comes with a price tag of $48,990 (approximately Rs. 33 lakh). This price includes the camera body and Schneider Kreuznach 80mm LS lens.

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