Penta T-Pad WS707C review: Telephonic slate

Penta T-Pad WS707C review: Telephonic slate


Tablets are just flooded in the Indian market. There was a time when tablets were used just as a source of input but today’s era has tablets for versatile usage. Users can play games, videos, surf web or even make calls with built-in telephony support on tablets. On the best part, due to high competition, there is no need of spending a huge amount. Nowadays Indian market has several in-house brands which are constantly making new tablets to earn high sales but in such high competition, there is a name as Pantel Technologies. Pantel Technologies is the name behind some affordable Penta T-Pad series tablets and recently we have got the latest in the series, the Penta T-Pad WS707C tablet. The Penta T-Pad WS707C is an affordable tablet with some decent qualities. So without stating much in the introduction, let’s get deeper into our in-depth review on Penta T-Pad WS707C.

Penta T-Pad WS707C review

Penta T-Pad WS707C

What’s in the Box

The Penta T-Pad WS707C is one of the affordable tablet available in the Indian market. We can of course speculate only some handful of accessories inside the retail box considering the price tag. But interestingly, Pantel Technologies has used its marketing skills and provided a number of accessories right inside the box which makes the deal better against the competition. The Penta T-Pad WS707C comes with a battery charger, standard headset, a couple of manuals, USB-to-microUSB data cable and USB OTG cable.

Penta T-Pad WS707C

Penta T-Pad WS707C box accessories

The box also has a sleeve which allows to store the tablet safely and also there are 3D glasses come inside the box to persuade the consumers. The Penta T-Pad WS707C has several goodies inside the box to attract consumers but a question might arise in one’s mind that the tablet still worth or not, for that we are here to take a deeper look. Now turn next to know about the designing of the Penta T-Pad WS707C.

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  • daljit judge

    I have problum with bsnl penta ws707c i forget the pattran of it
    i want to know how to make hard reset on it

    • techone3

      You can reset Penta T-Pad WS707C tablet by pressing the reset key, located on the right. For reference, take a look at the designing section of the review.

  • Rajan Dhanya

    in this tab can i use the internet explorer?