Pebble Time and Time Round get new prices to take on Android Wear smartwatches

Pebble Time and Time Round get new prices to take on Android Wear smartwatches

Pebble has announced a price cut on its Time and Time Round to give a tough competition to entry-level Android Wear smartwatches. With the new announcement, the Pebble Time is now available for $149.99 and the Pebble Time Round is listed at $199.99.

The Pebble Time was originally launched with a price tag of $199.99 in the US, while the Pebble Time Round was debuted for $249.99. Both the smartwatches feature always-on, color e-paper display and come preloaded with the latest Timeline interface that the Redwood City, California-based company launched last year.

Pebble Time and Time Round new prices

Pebble Time and Time Round with new prices

To match the price difference for recent orders, Pebble is promising to adjust the charge. But this is applicable only for the orders that are placed after January 20.

There isn’t any change in the price of the high-end Pebble Time Steel as it’s currently available for the same $249.99 price. However, the original Pebble smartwatch that was listed for $99.99 following the launch of the Pebble Time has now been discontinued.

Healthifying users

In addition to the new changes in the prices, Pebble has claimed that more than 90 percent of its Time series watch users have activated the health features that were released in last December. The features offer activity and sleep tracking through a dedicated Health section in the Pebble app.

Pebble’s new moves show that the company is set to make things difficult affordable Android Wear models such as the Asus ZenWatch 2 and Huawei Watch. Moreover, the price cut could persuade some iPhone users to opt for the Pebble Time or Time Round instead of the highly priced Apple Watch.

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