Panasonic P51 review: Lucid smartphone

Panasonic P51 review: Lucid smartphone


Each day a new company started taking a step in the smartphones market. With a wide variety of smartphones from China and other Asian tech regions, today’s smartphones market has a large number of choices for the end-consumers. On the other side, smartphone brands are just growing high at pace every second. In such tight competition, an old name recently joins smartphone market. The name is known as Panasonic and the first smartphone by the company landed here in the Indian market is coined as Panasonic P51. We have started testing Panasonic P51 at our labs to come up with our in-depth review on the new masterpiece by an old brand. Panasonic P51 is not a smartphone for a premium segment but a list of features and specifications makes the smartphone certainly sits in a higher-mid segment. So let’s start our action and take a deeper look into Panasonic P51.

Panasonic P51

Panasonic P51

What’s in the Box

Panasonic P51 is a mid-range smartphone. The all new Panasonic P51 is the first smartphone by the company and being a first smartphone, the company focused on the heavy marketing strategy to earn shares from a tight competitive market. The company has used a number of in-box accessories as a tool to persuade the consumers. Panasonic P51 comes with a number of accessories right out of the box.

Panasonic P51 review

Panasonic P51 with box accessories

The retail box of Panasonic P51 has the handset unit itself on the top. Underneath, there is a magnetic flip cover, a capacitive stylus and a scratch guard to safe the display glass from scratches. Beside some uncommon accessories, the box also has a USB-to-microUSB data cable, an AC-DC charger, a headset and a couple of manuals along with the details on service centers.

Overall, the retail box has enough surprises to persuade consumers and of course the accessories are premium enough considering the smartphone.

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  • jagannatha rao

    we are not able to set the proximity sensor on like inother phones. unable to set different themes for wall paper with different sims.