Oral-B develops a smart toothbrush to improve your brushing habits

Oral-B develops a smart toothbrush to improve your brushing habits

Oral-B at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2016 brought its smart toothbrush that aims to improve your brushing habits and makes your teeth sparkling. Called the Oral-B Genius, the toothbrush uses a proprietary Position Detection technology to enable an advanced brushing system.

The Oral-B Genius features a motion sensor that helps you brush like the way dentists recommend. Also, it works with the Oral-B app version 4.1 that has a video recognition support to receive instant feedback on your brushing directly from your smartphone.

“Oral-B Genius sets a new standard in the industry, and will forever change how people approach brushing their teeth,” says Stephen Squire, global marketing director, P&G, in a statement. “It is the next big thing after the introduction of the electric brush overall as it helps eliminate the wrong behaviors in brushing.”

Oral-B Genius smart brush

Oral-B Genius uses built-in technology to make your brushing smarter

Developed by designers at Braun, the Oral-B Genius toothbrush has Oscillating-Rotating-Pulsating technology that is claimed to clean tooth by tooth. The company has also provided its triple pressure sensor that protects gums from overaggressive brushing by indicating the pressure on your smartphone screen. Further, you can use a preset professional timer on the Oral-B app that ensures each quadrant of your mouth will be brushed for 30 seconds.

The smart toothbrush comes bundled with a smartphone holder that has a suction cup to let you place your phone on the mirror in front of you at the time of brushing. This enables optimal use of the Position Detection technology to improve your brushing skills using the front camera sensor of your smartphone. Moreover, the brush has 360-degree lighting system with 12-different multicolor lights and packs a lithium-ion battery that delivers two weeks of brushing.

Starting this July, the Oral-B Genius will go on sale in select markets. The company hasn’t revealed its exact price, but it would be available for around $300 in the US.