Opera WebKit-based browser released in beta stage for Android

Opera WebKit-based browser released in beta stage for Android

Opera browsers are the renowned web browsers in the world of mobile devices and Opera’s developers always work hard to give their best to the end-users. In such a same way, Opera is now taking a step ahead to enhance the web browsing experience, the concern has recently released the much appreciated WebKit-based browser for Android platform. The new version web browser was earlier announced as a plan last month and now it is available in the beta version for the Android devices.

Opera WebKit-based browserThe new WebKit-based browser supports faster web browsing using the native WebKit-based rendering engine, rather than the Presto layout engine which is used in the other Opera’s browser versions. The WebKit engine is used by several other browsers including Chrome, Safari and the stock Android browser. On the other side, Opera browsers are powered by Presto layout engine, after adopting WebKit-based engine, the new browser loads webpages faster and uses less efforts from the hardware part of the device, than before.

According to Opera, the new WebKit-based browser provides a whole new level of website compatibility. And the native UI of the web browser offers superior user experience. The WebKit-based engine in the new Opera browser enables a layout engine which render web pages to the browser. The process of browsing through a layout engine provides faster speed with lesser web contents load-time.

Key Features of the new Opera WebKit-based browser:

  • Loads webpages almost instantly according to the right size and format of the device.
  • Enables high-speed browsing outside 3G coverage with Off-Road Mode.
  • Provides information about what’s happening, through personal news feed, with the Discover feature.
  • Speed Dial allows to add top sites and bookmarks right on the browser’s homepage
  • New Download Manager allows start, stop, resume, save and rename of all the media files.
Opera WebKit-based browser

Opera WebKit-based browser with new features

The new beta version WebKit-based Opera browser is now available for Android devices, users can download the new browser by visiting Google Play Store. Opera will soon launch the final version of the WebKit-based browser for Android platform, we also expect that soon Opera will also provide the same faster web experience using WebKit-based browser for other major platforms, including iOS users as well.

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