Opera Next 15 web browser for Windows and Mac released, based on WebKit engine

Opera has released a new version of its web browser for Windows and Mac operating system, the new version is coined as Opera Next 15. The new Opera Next 15 web browser is based on WebKit rendering engine and it is now available for download as a beta version. As the earlier released Opera browser for Android platform, the new Opera Next 15 has bundled with a new interface and several new features.

Opera Next 15

Opera Next 15 web browser now available for Windows and Mac

On releasing the new Opera Next 15 web browser, Opera Software SVP of Desktop Products, Krystian Kolondra said;

“Completely rethinking a browser in today’s competitive market is a big thing. Our new browser is more beautiful and allows users to harness the massive amount of web content they are faced with today. Give it a try and discover something completely new.”

The new Opera Next 15 browser has a completely revamped user interface than the earlier editions. Opera has used the flavour of its Opera browser for Android and identically, the new Opera Next has a single bar on the top which can be used for searching some query or for entering a URL. Opera has termed this new feature as Stash and a new heart button which collects the websites details to provide comparison between several websites. The new Stash feature is also designed to save links and search queries.

Opera has also added the Discover tab which was earlier released solely in the Opera browser for Android platform. The Discover tab provides new stories based on content search or region. Users can also pick some of the pre-loaded categories including news, food, technology or else to get new contents.

The new Opera Next 15 browser has Speed Dial tab which contains all the saved webpages at a single place. Speed Dial shortcuts can now also be gathered in folders and easily filtered. Besides, users can drag and drop one Speed Dial entry on top of another to create a folder or even use the new Speed Dial search field.

The interface in the Opera Next browser is sleeker than the previous editions and on our hands-on experience, the new browser opens webpages at a pace when comparing with Mozilla Firefox 22 and the latest version Google Chrome. As the new Opera Next 15 is still in the beta stage, there might be some bugs occurred in certain areas.

Opera has removed the built-in mail client from the Opera Next 15 browser which was earlier a part of the Opera browser. This results a new, lightweight tool, standalone Opera Mail client and also reduces the space of Opera browser.

To download the new Opera Next 15 browser for Windows and Mac operating system, users can visit Opera webpage.

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