Opera Mini 4.5 released for feature phones, provides download manager

Opera Mini 4.5 released for feature phones, provides download manager

Opera has recently released Opera Mini 4.5 version for basic feature phones. The new Opera Mini 4.5 is designed to provide excellent surfing experience in the basic phones. The web browser bundled with some new features including download manager, privacy mode and tweaked user interface.

Opera Mini 4.5

Opera Mini 4.5 with new features

On releasing Opera Mini 4.5, Christian Uribe, Product Manager for Opera Mini for Opera Software said;

“Getting online is a must in the modern world, and the kind of equipment you choose to use should not stand in the way of having a first-class browsing experience. That’s why we introduced some of the best-loved features from the advanced series of Opera browsers for basic phones. Having an excellent download manager is just as important for the students downloading class work to their phones as it is for business people with more advanced phones.”

The new Opera Mini 4.5 has built-in download manager which provides a support to download contents from web. Users can also pause, resume and manage the download process in their low-cost phones, identically as earlier on any smartphone. The web browser also has a privacy mode which allows to erase the browsing data, including history, cache, auto-fill data and cookies, just after closing the privacy tab. Users can open up the privacy tab by turning on the privacy mode.

Besides new features, the web browser has a new user interface with fresh looks and design. The Opera Mini 4.5 browser also supports touch input in the compatible phones.

According to Opera, the new Opera Mini 4.5 is a cost-saving browser which squeezes web pages to save data usage. The web browser is claimed to cost as just 10 percent of the cost which occurred on other competitive web browsers. The new Opera Mini 4.5 is compatible with any Java enabled phone which can run Java game or app.

Users can now download the new Opera Mini 4.5 browser onto their phones by visiting Opera website.

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