Opera Max now saves data from music streaming services

Opera Max now saves data from music streaming services

Opera Max has now been updated with the ability to save data consumption from music streaming services. The company claims that the new update saves up to 50 percent data from services like Pandora, Slacker Radio, Gaana and Saavn.

Just a month after start reducing buffering from video streaming services such as YouTube and Netflix, Opera Max has started offering data savings on music apps. “More and more people love listening to their favorite music with apps; however, these apps are among the major data hogs consuming users’ mobile data quickly,” Sergey Lossev, Product Manager at Opera Software, said in a press release.

“Now, we have added audio compression for these music apps so that people will feel free to stream music without having to look constantly for available, free Wi-Fi coverage. This is particularly helpful for users with limited data plans.”

Opera Max uses a streaming audio optimisation technology from Rocket Optimiser, which manages streaming audio traffic just as it optimises video traffic. This new technology works on both MP3 and MP4 stream formats and can also convert streams to AAC+ codec to deliver high-quality audio experience even over a low-bitrate connection.

“We keep fine tuning the streaming-audio-optimization technology in Opera Max, so people can save more data while enjoying good audio quality. Pandora, Slacker Radio, Gaana, Saavn, Mix Radio and YouTube Music are the first six apps that passed our quality-assurance test, but we will support more music-streaming apps in the near future,” Lossev added.

Opera had acquired Skyfire Labs that perhaps helping the expansion of Opera Max. The app was initially designed to save data consumption from web browsers but got similar saving options for video streaming services in the recent past. It was launched in India back in June and is aiming to come pre-installed on over 100 million Android smartphones by 2017.

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