Opera for Android gets Chromium 28 for faster startups and improved downloads

Opera for Android gets Chromium 28 for faster startups and improved downloads

Opera finally moved towards Chromium 28. The popular Opera for Android gets an update with Chromium 28 support. The web browser now gets a new version as Opera 15 which has faster startup time and improved download manager.

Opera 15 for Android

The new Opera for Android has a number of improvements including improved startup time and improved tab-UI animations. The new version has an new ‘open in private tab’ context menu which provides an access to web without storing the history, cache and cookies. Opera 15 is based on Chromium 28, the open source build is also available within the Chrome for Android beta version web browser. With the support of WebKit engine, the new Opera browser has improved rendering of web pages along with faster browsing.

Opera 15 has a support to open files from external SD card as well as from the internal storage. The new browser has an improved cookie clearing mechanism which cleans cookies in a lesser time than the earlier version. The browser has some improvements for accessing the web pages in fullscreen mode. The browser has some improvements in Discover feature and also there are improved wingsuit capabilities. Opera team has worked on the Apk file and reduced the file size, this allows to install the web browser even with a lesser internal storage.

The new Opera 15 for Android has an all new download manager. Users can now download video contents right from the web pages by tapping the download button over the video. Alternatively users can also download the video contents on the go by long-tapping on the video content. The interface of the download manager also improved with less cluttered design.

Users can now install the new version Opera for Android devices by visiting Google Play Store.

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