Your OnePlus One can now run Ubuntu OS

Your OnePlus One can now run Ubuntu OS

Looking for an Ubuntu phone? You don’t need to buy a new one as you can use your existing OnePlus One to run Ubuntu OS.

OnePlus has partnered with Canonical — the organisation behind Ubuntu OS — to deliver a special Ubuntu OS ROM for the OnePlus One. The ROM offers a full-fledged Ubuntu experience but with some limitations. For instance, you won’t be able to use the camera, GPS and Bluetooth on your smartphone after flashing to the Ubuntu OS ROM.

The OnePlus One is the first device by Shenzhen-based OnePlus to receive Ubuntu OS. However, the company is also in development to release a similar ROM for the mid-range OnePlus X in the coming future.

“At OnePlus, we’re proud of how open our devices have been in the past. We’re committed to ensure that all of our devices are as open as possible. The release of Ubuntu on the OnePlus One underlines this commitment, while development on a OnePlus X release is well underway,” the company said in a forum post.

You just need to visit UB Ports website to download the Ubuntu OS ROM for your OnePlus One. The site is also collecting donations that will help pushing the development to its final release.

OnePlus isn’t the only Chinese smartphone maker that has been supporting Ubuntu OS development. Meizu is already working with Canonical to expand the open-source operating system. Recently, the company launched the Meizu Pro 5 Ubuntu Edition that brought high-end hardware for developers and enthusiasts.

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