OnePlus 3 price to go up in UK due to Brexit results

OnePlus 3 price to go up in UK due to Brexit results

While many economists are yet to estimate the outcome of Brexit, OnePlus has taken a step ahead and announced a price hike for its OnePlus 3. The Chinese company is set to sell the flagship smartphone with a price tag of £329 in the UK market starting July 11.

Announced through its official forums, OnePlus says that the £20 increase from the original price of the OnePlus 3 comes due to the Brexit decision that already impacted the UK and European stock markets.

“Given the effects of the unstable markets on our extremely thin margins, we’re reluctantly going to have made some small changes to our pricing structure for the device [OnePlus 3],” the company notes in a forum post.

Shenzhen-based OnePlus launched the OnePlus 3 as its new flagship smartphone in June. The new model went on sale in the UK with an original price of £309. However, starting the coming Monday, it will be available for £329 that would translate to Rs. 28,900.

The new OnePlus 3 price will apply to the UK market only. This means that the smartphone will be available at the same price in India that was announced last month.

Additionally, OnePlus asserts that the prices of its accessories won’t be affected by the new development and will remain be available with their current prices in the UK.

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