NudeAudio enters in India, launches Move range of Bluetooth speakers

NudeAudio enters in India, launches Move range of Bluetooth speakers

Hong Kong-based NudeAudio has entered in India. The company has partnered with Brandeyes Distributors to sell its Move range of portable Bluetooth speakers in the Indian market. The range of portable speakers include the Move S, Move M and Move L Bluetooth speakers and Move S-wired is also available as a wired variant.

NudeAudio Move speakers in India

NudeAudio Move speakers now available in India

Among all the Move range of speakers, NudeAudio Move S is the smallest speaker that comes in both a Bluetooth and a 3.5mm wired variant. While the wired variant, Move S-wired, is available with a price tag of Rs. 1,699, the Bluetooth-enabled Move S is available for Rs. 2,599.

The Move M is a larger model than the Move S with offering a large size and deep bass. The Move M is available for Rs. 3,999.

The Move L is the largest model in the entire Move range and is claimed to provide rich and warm sound in an entire room. The Move L comes with a price tag of Rs. 7,399.

On announcing the launch of NudeAudio Move speakers in India, Amlan Bhattacharjya, Founder & CEO of Brandeyes Distributors, said:

“Bluetooth speakers are now the most popular technology format and the preferred way for people to listen to music out loud from their smartphone or tablet. The benefits are obvious as it allows the phone to stay in close proximity of the user, so they can use other functions e.g. mail or Facebook while simultaneously listening to their music.”

All the Move range of Bluetooth speakers have Bluetooth 3.0 connectivity support to give wireless audio output at a maximum distance of 33-feet from the connected smartphone, tablet or PC. Each of the Move speakers is claimed to give an eight-hour battery life.

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