You can now upgrade your MacBook storage by up to 1TB

You can now upgrade your MacBook storage by up to 1TB

Limited storage is one of the major cons of Apple MacBooks. But technology company OWC has now developed its all-new PCIe-based SSDs to let you upgrade your existing MacBook storage by up to 1TB.

OWC’s Aura SSD range is designed¬†as flash storage upgrades for mid-2013 and later MacBook Pro with Retina display and MacBook Air models. It comes in 480GB and 1TB storage options to let you expand your MacBook storage by up to eight times the capacity that Apple provides through its factory SSDs In addition, the company has bundled its proprietary tools and instructions that you’ll need to upgrade the storage.

Apple MacBook storage upgrade Aura SSD

Aura SSD to expand your Apple MacBook storage by eight times

The Aura SSDs have tier-1 flash storage as well as RAID-like protection for your personal data. OWC additionally claims that the flash storage solution has some allocated free space to optimise its health and performance in daily use.

To enable easy transfer of your data, the SSDs come with an optional Envoy Pro enclosure. This enclosure allows data transfer at a speed of up to 355MB/s. Also, it transforms your factory-installed flash drive into an external USB drive.

MacBook SSD enclosure

OWC’s Aura SSD comes bundled with Envoy Pro enclosure option

The Aura SSD in 480GB capacity comes with a price tag of $348, while its 1TB version costs $598. You can also opt for the SSD options with the necessary upgrade tools and Envoy Pro enclosure by paying $649. All these options will be available through select authorised OWC resellers in the US starting late March.

The new development might boost sales of MacBook Pros and Airs in the future as users would no longer have limited storage. But, of course, the prices of the specially designed SSDs are not too low to enable mass upgrades.

Last year, a similar solution emerged for expanding storage on iPhones. Some repair shops in China had been spotted with the solution to upgrade storage on the iPhone 5s and later models using a special “surgery”. However, it wasn’t as secured as the Aura SSDs that come with a three-year warranty.

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