Now check Android APK vulnerability through Bluebox Security Scanner app

Earlier Bluebox revealed that over 99 percent of Android devices affected with APK vulnerability and now the same company comes up with a solution to check the APK vulnerability on any Android device by installing an app coined as Bluebox Security Scanner.

Bluebox Security Scanner

Bluebox Security Scanner

The newly released Bluebox Security Scanner app allows to scan a device for vulnerabilities including the newly discovered APK vulnerability. The app scans any Android 2.3.3 or above running device to determine that the system is vulnerable or patched to the Bluebox “Master key” security flaw. The app also scans system settings to check whether non-Google Market application installs are disabled or not. Besides, the app is also claimed to scan out malicious installed apps.

According to the earlier report by the security company Bluebox, Android platforms were having a security hole since the release of Android 1.6 (Donut). The report revealed that the security hole allows any hacker to modify the APK code of any app without breaking the cryptographic signature. As the vulnerability exist from past four years, there are over 99 percent Android devices which are reportedly seems to be affected.

In a later statement, Google has stated that the security patch with a fix has been released to some OEMs. The search giant has also stated that some OEMs including Samsung has already started working on the patch to fix the vulnerability on its Android devices. Now as the app is also available for freely download through Google Play Store, users can check APK vulnerability by their own as well.

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