Nokia would showcase ‘lower-priced’ Lumia at MWC but no words on tablet, says Reuters

Nokia would showcase ‘lower-priced’ Lumia at MWC but no words on tablet, says Reuters

Nokia is working hard to beat the competition and the Finnish manufacturer now has the platform as ‘Lumia’ to get up in the cut-throat competition of smartphones market. But only high-end or mid-range Lumia smartphones including the Lumia 920, the Lumia 820 and the Lumia 620 are not enough as the entry-level smartphones segment is still much wider than the high-end, so Nokia is likely to get into the entry-level segment as well and introduce an affordable Lumia at Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2013 in Barcelona.

Nokia MWC 2013

Nokia is all set for MWC 2013

According to a recent report by Reuters, Nokia is working to showcase a ‘lower-priced’ Lumia smartphone at MWC 2013 to compete the competitors. Moreover, the manufacturer is also likely to introduce cut-price basic phones to compete the popular concerns in such segment including, Huawei and ZTE.

Undoubtedly Nokia was the king in the world of basic feature phones but from past years the company has not gained in such segment which is the major reason for adopting Lumia series smartphones segment. Of course, smartphones are now more commonly known alternate of mobile devices but still many people in the remote areas still use a basic phone in their daily schedule. Nokia has also a brand as ‘Asha’ under which a number of feature phones exist and we assume that the company will introduce some more feature phones in the same lineup. But coming to basic phones, Nokia is really taking a major risk as the basic phone sales are not much high due to the influence of smartphones or even smart feature phones, including the company’s own Asha series.

On the other part, according to the news report, Nokia still does not show any interest in showcasing a tablet in the upcoming MWC. According to some internal sources stated in the report, the step of unveiling a tablet is still on hold and Nokia ‘is not yet ready to unveil one’. While the earlier rumours cite with some purported specifications of the upcoming Nokia’s tablet, the company does not disclose any detail on such buzzes till now.

Coming back to the upcoming Lumia smartphone, as we reported earlier, Nokia has sold over 4.4 million Lumia smartphones in the fourth quarter last year. Interestingly, that provided statistical data has only Lumia 620 as the affordable smartphone in the series and if Nokia will unveil more affordable Lumia smartphones than the sales result would higher than before. Nokia is yet to announce the details on the official part so stay with us for more details.

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