Nokia to bring 41-megapixel ‘PureView’ sensor on Lumia smartphone

Nokia to bring 41-megapixel ‘PureView’ sensor on Lumia smartphone

Nokia is popular for making new innovations in their smartphones and the Lumia series smartphones are the pie for the company as well as for the buzz-world. Such a buzz is coming out that the Finnish manufacturer is going to unveil a new Lumia smartphone with 41-megapixel ‘PureView’ sensor.

Nokia Lumia camera

According to a recent report by The Guardian, Nokia is going to bring the 41-megapixel PureView sensor on the upcoming Windows Phone based Lumia smartphone. The new Lumia smartphone with the massive sensor will be known as EOS and it is expected to be launched in the US market this summer.

The report defines that the sensor will be identical to the 808 PureView camera sensor. The Lumia EOS will capture images with nearly 5 megapixel resolution but using oversampling technique, each pixel combines with many pixels to create a single pixel. However, the same technique already adopted by the company in their 808 PureView Symbian smartphone but this time the pixel oversampling technology will apparently use on a Windows Phone based Lumia smartphone.

Nokia already added a unique ‘floating lens technology’ in the Lumia 920, the technology actually uses a gyroscope that detects a motion which results blur-less images even with shaking hands. Apart from the floating lens technology, Nokia engineers also designed the sensor as it opens the shutter for longer time in low light which helps in capturing images even in the dark or less-light situations.

According to some intimations, the Finnish manufacturer will add both the technologies, the floating lens technology and the pixel oversampling technique, in the upcoming Lumia smartphone. If Nokia really take such step then the upcoming Lumia smartphone will even give a tough competition to the upcoming HTC M7 smartphone which is rumoured to have an ultrapixel camera.

On the other part, Nokia is still maintaining silence on the speculation, though we are pretty sure that there is something big going to be launched by the Finnish manufacturer this year.

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