Nokia reportedly planning to use aluminum body for Lumia 920 successor

Nokia Lumia 920 is becoming one of the popular smartphone in the global market, being on Windows Phone 8 platform is one reason but the major reason to gain huge popularity is the polycarbonate uni-body construction. And now the company is moving towards a step ahead in making the Lumia 920 successor more tougher than the Lumia 920 and reportedly planning to adopt aluminum construction rather than the polycarbonate.

Nokia Lumia 920

Nokia Lumia 920

According to a recent report by The Verge, Nokia internal sources states that the company is planning to adopt aluminum construction for making the upcoming successor of the Lumia 920 and the construction will be lighter and thinner. Moreover, the smartphone will be codenamed as Catwalk and the report additionally suggests that the company may adopt aluminum construction for other Lumia series smartphones, as the source states that ‘at least’ one high-end Lumia smartphone will get aluminum construction.

Furthermore, other hardware specifications will be same as the Lumia 920, however, we are sure, to be up in the market during the year 2013, Nokia will introduce some more features in the smartphone as well. The Lumia 920 successor is expected to be unveiled anytime during the year and there are two more smartphones in the Lumia lineup are likely to be launch during the year.

Well, adopting an aluminum construction rather than polycarbonate construction will makes the upcoming Lumia identical to the earlier launched N8, though, the smartphone will of course feature a thinner and lighter body design. Adopting aluminum construction will makes the smartphone a strong contender by Nokia against Apple iPhone series smartphone. Although, polycarbonate construction is fine for a smartphone but for the iPhone construction lovers, Nokia’s upcoming planned smartphone will be a reason for more sales.

On the other hand, Nokia Lumia 920 with the polycarbonate uni-body design is enough tougher and rigid as we have already reported the endurance of the smartphone against a number of attacks. Whether adopting an aluminum or a polycarbonate construction nevertheless a smartphone is a device to be handle with care.

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