Nokia reportedly planned for Android before Microsoft deal

Microsoft acquired Nokia handset business a few days back. Interestingly, Nokia was said to be planned to get its smartphones based on Android earlier to the Microsoft deal. Nokia’s Windows Phone strategy seems to be failing as per the current market scenario but with Android, the game would completely won by the Finnish giant.

Nokia Android

Nokia reportedly planned for Android before Microsoft deal

According to a report by the New York Times, a Nokia team was testing Android operating system on the company’s Lumia series smartphones before Microsoft strike the deal. The report cited sources revealed that Nokia was planning to get on Android in a confidential project and Microsoft executives were even aware of the project. On the other side, an anonymous person stated the news source that Microsoft was unaware of any such Android project, however, it was a greater possibility then.

Nokia’s plan of Android phone would change the current scenario for the company itself as well as for its competitors. With Android operating system and Lumia series as hardware, Nokia smartphones would gain higher sales even than current statistics of Samsung or Apple. But in reality, the Finnish giant moved toward Windows Phone and came into a deal with Microsoft in 2011. Nokia Lumia smartphones reached the market when Android on a hype note that resulted low sales and profit to the company.

Recently Nokia has sold out its handset and services unit to Microsoft for $7.2 billion. The deal probably increase the shipments of Windows Phone devices in the global market but Nokia would still face loss due to the lower demand of its Windows Phone based Lumia devices when compare with Android devices.

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