Nokia OZO VR camera goes on pre-orders for whopping $60,000

Nokia OZO VR camera goes on pre-orders for whopping $60,000

Nokia might have been anticipated for a mobile phone, but the company has finally started pre-orders for the OZO VR camera that it unveiled back in July. The pre-order price for the camera is far higher than most of the VR technologies and is set at whopping $60,000.

The Nokia OZO VR camera is available for pre-order at an initial amount of $5,000 (approximately Rs. 3,33,000) and the remaining $55,000 (approximately Rs. 36,58,000) is required to be paid at the time of its arrival. The Finish manufacturer also has a digital cartage for $5,000 and a docking station for $1,500.

Targeted at the film industry and media professionals, the Nokia OZO was debuted in July as the newest product by the company that was once the mobile phone leader. The VR camera has eight synchronised global shutter sensors and spatial audio through eight integrated microphones that together delivers a high-end virtual reality experience. The company has additionally developed a proprietary software that enables 3D viewing without any panoramic image conversation.

Nokia OZO

Nokia OZO now available for pre-order with a massive price tag of $60,000

As Nokia demonstrated at its launch event in Los Angeles, the OZO can produce premium content for VR headsets such as Samsung Gear VR and Oculus Rift. It is also capable of recording eight channel raw videos. Besides, there is an option to use it wirelessly with OS X running Macs.

The massive price tag of the Nokia OZO VR camera certainly shows that it has not been designed for masses and just for a handful of high-grade professionals. But if you really want to see Nokia back in action, an Android smartphone is apparently in works.

Till then, you can wait for some VR content produced using the OZO as VR production company Jaunt already got its access. Some third-party tools for the new camera are also in development to enhance its functionality for production houses.

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