Nokia Lumia 920 comes up for a tough-test, endured with keys, knife and even mallet

Nokia unveils Lumia 920 several days ago and the Finnish manufacturer advertises the smartphone just as a Windows Phone 8 based flagship. But there is something very tough hidden within the outer-crust of the Lumia 920 smartphone.

Nokia Lumia 920 comes up for a series of tough-tests

Nokia Lumia 920 comes up for a series of tough-tests

Yes, Nokia Lumia 920 is a tough-smartphone, not officially but of course, it is because it endures the rubbing of keys and even knife on the polycarbonate body as well as on the display. But if you want to see more, the smartphone passes the test with a mallet too and even work when used it as a hammer to driving the nail on a wood piece.

These tests were performed by Phonebuff showing the real endurance power of the smartphone and the toughness of the Lumia 920 even challenges some tough and rugged smartphones available in the market. The round of tests are just as any drop-tests in fact the tests are more tough for a smartphone than any drop-test but endurance power and scratch-resistance power of the Lumia 920 impress us, really! It is now proven that the Lumia 920 can stay without using any cover, case or even without any screen-guard.

Watch the video performing several tough-tests with Nokia Lumia 920:

The round of tests show the toughness of the Lumia 920 but we do not recommend anyone to do the same tests at home because these tests may damage your smartphone badly. And we still prefer all to use a screen-guard with any smartphone to resist the display from minor scratches.

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