Nokia introduces 3D-printing for Lumia 820 shell cases, Development Kit released

Nokia introduces 3D-printing for Lumia 820 shell cases, Development Kit released

The concept of 3D printing is still in the development stage but Nokia wants to take a dip in the 3D world and introduces 3D-printing for the Lumia 820 exchangeable shell cases. Yes, this time Finnish giant comes up in the news with surprising new concept in the world of smartphone designing with adopting 3D printing for the shell cases of Nokia Lumia 820. In this respect, Nokia also released 3D development kit which includes mechanical drawings of the Lumia 820.

Nokia Lumia 820 shell colors

Nokia Lumia 820 with different shell color options

On commenting the concept of 3D printing for Nokia Lumia 820 shell cases, Joel Willans at Nokia Conversations says;

“Those are fantastic cases, and a great option for the vast majority of Nokia’s Lumia 820 customers. But in addition to that, we are going to release 3D templates, case specs, recommended materials and best practices—everything someone versed in 3D printing needs to print their own custom Lumia 820 case.”

Soon accessories market will get enormous designs in the shell cases for Nokia Lumia 820 and if it becomes more popular among other OEMs then an ability to design covers and cases for smartphones according to the user preferences will gain peak. But still the concept of 3D printing is not much in use by the smartphone accessory makers, however, Nokia’s new initiative will influence the designers and manufacturers to design accessories using 3D printing technology.

Nokia Lumia 820 shell

Nokia Lumia 820 shell

Moreover, Nokia also provided some ideas for designing shell covers of the Lumia 820 using 3D printing technology. Ideas offered by the manufacturer are highly acceptable and enhances the useability of the smartphone in the daily schedule as well. Some of the ideas suggest to make the removable shell as a mount or a holder, while some suggest to make it as an additional SIM card holder.

Ideas shared by Nokia on 3D printing for Lumia 820 shell cases:


    1. Built-in belt clip or loop
    2. Attachment point for camera accessories
    3. Raised texture for non-slip grip
    4. Winding post for headphone cable


    1. Car mount
    2. Bicycle mount
    3. Backpack hanger


    1. Camera accessories
    2. Extra SIM or MicroSD holder

On the other part, some renowned brands such as Angry Birds, Hello Kitty and other would also come up with their 3D designed shell cases for the Lumia 820. Overall, popularity of the Lumia 820 will be enhanced if the 3D printing concept gains in the accessories world. Perhaps, the exchangeable shell feature of the smartphone will become its main point of attraction in the smartphones market even with Windows Phone 8 operating system, which does not helps in gaining high sales.

But as the concept of 3D printing is uncommon, the pricing of such accessories will be as high as a cost of any feature phone in the market today. So, for all the pocket-lovers, 3D printed exchangeable shell cases of the Lumia 820 will not incline in the near future even if some of the cases join the market. However, there is a large variety of accessories for all the high-end renowned smartphones and of course Apple iPhone 5 is the king in the accessories world but, with adopting 3D printing in exchangeable shell cases of the Lumia 820, Nokia will also gain name in the accessories world.

So are you ready to get a 3D printed exchangeable shell for your Nokia Lumia 820 or going to design a 3D print for the exchangeable shell. Feel free to write your views in the comment section below.

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  • Tom

    3D printing is nice concept and I am excited to look at some samples.