No, you shouldn’t swim with your iPhone 7

No, you shouldn’t swim with your iPhone 7

Apple unveiled the iPhone 7 earlier this week with a robust build. Though it is the first iPhone model with a water-resistant design, you should avoid swimming or taking a bath while carrying this new iPhone.

Offering IP67 certification affirms that Apple is giving you the iPhone 7 with a body that can resist water and dust. But, at the time same, it’s nowhere completely protecting the hardware from the water. Being waterproof and being water-resistant are two different characters.

“Liquid damage not covered under warranty,” reads one of the instructions on the iPhone 7 microsite. This statement confirms that if water damages your new iPhone, it won’t be covered under warranty, and you won’t receive any free replacement by the company.

iPhone 7 water resistant

Apple iPhone 7 sportsĀ a water-resistant build

The International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) has given IP codes to highlight the degrees of protection. While the word IP stands for Ingress Protection, the two numerals after the IP define the protection level.

The Apple iPhone 7 is an IP67-certified device. This states that the hardware is protected from dust particles and immersion of water with a depth of up to one metre for 30 minutes. However, the aluminium enclosure of the new iPhone is not fully sealed to protect from immersion in water with a depth of over a metre.

All this means that you can use the iPhone 7 with wet hands or even under some rain spells but should avoid dropping it in a pool. Apple also guides that you should not charge the iPhone if it’s wet.

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