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Samsung unveils Windows 8 based Series 7 and Series 5 All in One PCs

A new period of All in One(AIO) desktop is begin and the upcoming Windows 8 makes it more enriched. Now Samsung also takes the advantage of that enrichment and join the hands with Microsoft

Computers Rumours

Samsung soon coming with Windows 8 touchscreen notebook

As our earlier report, a new era of touchscreen notebooks is just on the door and now Samsung is going to reveal a hybrid notebook based on Windows 8 platform with touch support as well

Computers Miscellenous News

Logitech unveils washable Keyboard!

Sometimes we all work while having a cup of coffee or tea in our hand and just imagine, what happen if the drink splits on the keyboard? Of course, keyboard


Registration opens for Windows 8 Pro upgrade

Microsoft unveiled Windows 8 along with its first tablet, Surface, several days ago and now the company started  a registration process for its new operating system, Windows 8. Company introduces


DIGILITE lauched DL-PV530A-ITX motherboard

Small computers are always ally of daily tasks. We have seen tablets, and netbooks that are example of such ally, they are low-powered and low-cost systems. PCs also have such