Mozilla updates Firefox with 3D gaming, video calling and file sharing

Mozilla has recently updates Firefox web browser to version 22. The all new Firefox 22 allows web developers to develop web apps with 3D gaming, voice and video calling and file sharing, without using any plugin or third-party app. The new web browser is using a ” supercharged subset” of JavaScript (asm.js) which adds an ability within the browser to develop high-intensity applications including 3D games and photo processing right on the web, without the use of any third-party app or plugin.

Mozilla Firefox 22

Mozilla Firefox 22 has bundled with new web technologies as WebGL, Emscripten, asm.js and WebRTC. These new technologies allows developers to easily develop heavy contents for the browser directly on the web. With the default support of Web Real-Time Communications (WebRTC), web apps can perform voice and video calling without any effort from third-party app. The presence of WebRTC also enables P2P file sharing even in the absence of any third-party app or plugin.

Mozilla team has created a 3D game as BananaBread which uses all the web technologies as WebGL, Emscripten, asm.js and WebRTC. The game is created to demonstrate the capabilities of the all new Firefox 22. Users can also test the capabilities of other browsers with the 3D game demo.

Besides some major integrations, the Firefox 22 for desktop PCs and Mac has social services management in Add-ons manager. For Windows PC, the new web browser follows display scaling options to render text larger on high-res displays. On Mac OS X, download progress in now available within the Dock application icon.

For Android devices, the new Firefox provides full tablet UI on small tablets as well and Slovak locale added. The WebGL rendering performance is now improved with asynchronous canvas updates. The new version also has several improvements and bug fixes.

The all new Firefox 22 is now available for download on PCs and Mac through Firefox download webpage. Android users have to visit Google Play Store to download new update on their devices.

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