Moto devices in 2016 to feature fingerprint scanners and at least 5″ displays

Moto devices in 2016 to feature fingerprint scanners and at least 5″ displays

With a view to take on the competition, Lenovo-owned Motorola Mobility is apparently set to offer some advanced Moto devices in 2016. The company is said to offer fingerprint scanners as well as at least 5-inch display panels on the new Moto devices.

Senior vice president of Lenovo Group Chen Xudong revealed that all the Moto devices that the company will launch this year will feature a built-in fingerprint scanner. In an interview with Chinese technology blog Tech Sina, Xudong mentioned the company’s new developments that would uplift its popularity in the smartphone market.

Google’s Android operating system now natively supports a fingerprint sensor. Devices including the latest Nexus handsets and many Chinese offerings such as the Qiku Q Terra and Lenovo Vibe K4 Note were recently launched with a built-in fingerprint scanner. All this gives a reason to Lenovo for developing new Moto smartphones with a fingerprint scanner.

Moto devices in 2016 with fingerprint scanners

Motorola’s Moto devices to in 2016 to feature fingerprint scanners similar to Nexus 5X

Apart from the words on the built-in fingerprint scanner, Xudong, who also serves as the president of Lenovo’s China and APAC divisions, said that the company will not launch any new smartphone with a screen size of around 4.7-inch. Although the original Moto X had a 4.7-inch display and the first-generation Moto G had a 4.5-inch display, the company is now set to bring new devices with at least 5-inch display to fulfill the demand of large-screen smartphones.

TechOne3 recently revealed Motorola’s dual brand strategy that will result the arrival of new Moto and Vibe series smartphones. Xudong in the interview mentioned that the new strategy will also result a change in the interface of new Moto devices. He said that the near stock Android interface on the Moto devices will be replaced by a new UI in 2017. This suggests that the future Motorola smartphones would not have a stock version of Android and would not ultimately receive speedy firmware updates.

Xudong also said that Google Play store will be launched in China this year. The Play store is already available through a large number of Android devices all across the globe, except the Chinese region. The search giant might launch a regional version of Play store for Chinese users that will help app developers expand their presence.

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