Mobile internet blocked amid Gujarat bandh

Mobile internet blocked amid Gujarat bandh

As a result of the protests over Patel reservation, mobile internet has been blocked in Gujarat. 22-year-old Patidar Anamat Samiti leader Hardik Patel called for Gujarat bandh on Tuesday that turned violent in the state.

The state authorities blocked mobile internet in Gujarat as well as suspended services like WhatsApp since Tuesday night. A resident in Ahmedabad told TechOne3 that most of the mobile internet services, including WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger became inaccessible following the protests started in the state.

Protesters were actively using WhatsApp to spread their words to the public since the band was called in the state. In the latest message sent through the instant messaging app, Hardik said, “I make an appeal to maintain peace and keep calm. I give a call for Gujarat bandh tomorrow [Wednesday]. This decision has been taken by Patidar Anamat Andolan Samiti considering widespread violence in the state.”

Apart from Ahmedabad, violent incidents were reported from Surat, Mehsana and Rajkot. The state government already deployed forces in the areas to control the situation.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who had been residing in Gujarat before heading the Council of Ministers in the parliament, has appealed for peace in the state. “Every issue can be resolved with talks. I appeal to the people of Gujarat to not to resort to violence. Together, let us be supportive to the growth process that has been initiated,” Modi said in a special address to the state residents.

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