MIT alums introduce Inbox open-source email platform

MIT alums introduce Inbox open-source email platform

As there are just a few giant email platforms available, MIT alums has introduced open-source email platform called Inbox. The email platform is compatible with clients such as Gmail, Yahoo and Microsoft Exchange to provide easy building of next-generation email apps.

inbox email platform

Inbox open-source email platform

The aim of introducing Inbox is to give an alternate to legacy protocols like IMAP and SMTP with providing a single modern API for both consumer and enterprise email accounts. According to a press statement, the Inbox API provides simple REST endpoints for accessing, modifying and sending mail.

The core team behind Inbox includes former Dropbox engineer Michael Grinich and Christine Spang, who was an early
Linux kernel engineer at Ksplice. Apart from the two MIT alums, the team has recent MIT graduates from the Parallel and Distributed Operating Systems group at MIT CSAIL and some system engineers from places like Google and Firebase.

On announcing Inbox, Grinich said:

“Email is the database of your life. It’s the digital home for your conversations, memories, and identity. “But for developers, working with email is incredibly difficult, and requires learning archaic protocols and formats. The Inbox API solves that, and lets you focus on building your app.”

The Inbox engine is currently available in private beta but several free resources are released for developers to get started, including an open-source sync engine and rich client SDKs. Moreover, there is a plan to release a hosted SaaS version of the open-source platform later this year.

Expressing views about the launch of Inbox, Spang said:

“Storing the world’s email data for secure and fast access is a monumental task. We’re solving this from the ground up.”

San Francisco-based Inbox has so far received seed funding from investors, including Fuel Capital, SV Angel,
CrunchFund, Data Collective, Betaworks and others.

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