Microsoft Selfie app released for iOS to improve your self portraits

Microsoft Selfie app released for iOS to improve your self portraits

Microsoft has silently released its first-ever Selfie app for iOS. The Microsoft Selfie app is aimed to improve your self portraits through a list of tweaks.

If you’d like to upload some of your selfies to Facebook or Instagram, Microsoft Selfie app is the perfect solution for you. The app automatically adjusts the amount of lighting in your self-portrait shots to enhance your face. It reduces the noise from a particular frame as well as provides intelligent enhancements, exposure adjustments and color corrections. If you’re not happy with the automatic results, the app also comes with a slider that lets you manually adjust the basics in your photo.

Apart from the adjustments, the selfie app has preset filters including Boost, Wonka, Tender and Cool among others. You can also compare the adjusted results with the original photos to find the best ones for your sharing. If you’re not ready to take a fresh photo for yours but are quite eager to edit one of your previous selfies, the app also asks you to choose one from your gallery.

Microsoft Selfie

Microsoft Selfie app beautifies your new and existing selfies

Microsoft says that its new app works as a “selfie and portrait enhancement application”. It uses variables like age, gender, skin tone and lighting to apply different models on your new and existing photos. All this enables automatic finishing and enhancements. Moreover, the app might be using an input from an existing Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology that the Redmond company owns to improve your selfies.

You can experience Microsoft Selfie app directly on your iOS device, by downloading it through Apple App Store. The app is over 56MB in size and is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch running on at least iOS 8.0.

The new selfie app appears to be a part of Microsoft’s unique strategy that aims its expansion across iOS and Android. Although it initially available on iOS, its Android counterpart would soon be released to please millions of smartphone users all across the globe.

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