Microsoft releases Xim photo sharing app for Android, iOS and Windows Phone

Microsoft releases Xim photo sharing app for Android, iOS and Windows Phone

Microsoft Research has just released its Xim photo sharing app for Android, iOS and Windows Phone. The app allows users to share the photos with their friends and play a slideshow on multiple devices simultaneously.

Unlike other popular photo sharing apps, Microsoft Xim is designed for those users who do not want to give their devices to their friends for showing their photos and instead want to send their photos onto their friends’ devices. The main advantage of Xim is that users can swipe, pan and zoom together for all simultaneously, using a single device at once.

To use Xim, users need to install the app on their Android, iOS or Windows Phone 8 based compatible device but their friends can see the shared photos on any web browser. Users can invite people to show their photos through phone’s contact list, email or via phone number. This makes it easy for the users to share their photos with a wide group of their friends.

Users can either choose photos for sharing from their camera roll or can use any of their favourite service such as Instagram, Facebook, Dropbox or OneDrive, or can also mix and match from these sources. The shared photos will stick online for a short moment but an option to save photos is also available by tapping on each single photo using Xim app.

The app also supports conversation with short messages, alongside sharing photos, but this feature requires Xim installation on both the sides.

Xim is initially available in the US but Microsoft is in plans to add additional country support shortly.

The arrival of Xim app across all the popular mobile platforms at the time when services like Instagram, Snapchat and Flickr are gaining with large user base shows that Microsoft is now concerning about its growth from the mobile apps. The easy-to-use features of the new app is making it a distinguishable photo sharing app and giving users an all-new experience of sharing their precious moments with friends.

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