Microsoft launches SQL Server 2016 in India

Microsoft launches SQL Server 2016 in India

Microsoft today announced the launch of SQL Server 2016 in India. The new data platform is designed to be “born of the cloud” and is utilising advanced predictive analytics capabilities to deliver you an upgraded computing experience.

SQL Server 2016 is aimed to accelerate digital transformation in the country by using new features like encrypted query processing capabilities for advanced analytics, machine learning, mobile business intelligence, and data integration. Also, it has Azure integration to fulfill the company’s “cloud-first” promise.

Microsoft SQL Server 2016 in India

SQL Server 2016 now in India

“Data is the new electricity for businesses today,” says Karan Bajwa, managing director, Microsoft, in a statement. “It gives our customers the opportunity to catapult their growth. Microsoft’s SQL Server 2016 is built for this data-driven world – customer tested and battle ready.”

Powered by cloud capabilities, the latest SQL Server allows customers to deploy hybrid architectures along with some heavy data workloads for their digital applications. The new data platform is also claimed to be a cost efficient solution for scaling up existing CRM systems.

Microsoft is allowing Indian customers to move their existing Oracle databases to SQL Server 2016 for free. Also, it is giving away software assurance to Oracle subscribers who switch to its platform by as early as June 30.

The new announcement indeed shows that the Redmond giant is set to rival Oracle with its new data platform. It is, however, quite faster and more advanced that the previous SQL Server version. Additionally, the company is for the first time bringing Linux compatibility to persuade more customers.

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