MediaTek MT2533D to power Apple Airpods-alike headsets

MediaTek MT2533D to power Apple Airpods-alike headsets

Apple Airpods might just be a dream for you. But MediaTek is set to partly fulfill your dream and provide you some affordable alternatives to the innovative Airpods through its MT2533D.

The MediaTek MT2533D is the latest micro-sized chipset by the Chinese company. It is designed to bring smart, connected headsets, headphones and hands-free systems. These offerings are highly expected to debut at a large scale, meeting the present success of Airpods.

“MT2533D, with its combination of low power and rich features, is the ideal chipset platform for product designers of smart headphones, wireless headsets and hands-free solutions,” said JC Hsu, corporate vice president, MediaTek.

The MT2533D brings an audio analog front-end (AFE) and digital signal processor (DSP) alongside an ARM Cortex-M4 processor and 4MB of memory (PSRAM and flash). Further, there is dual-mode Bluetooth 2.1 and 4.2 Low Energy connectivity.

Optimal experience

Comes from the MediaTek LinkIt development platform for RTOS, the new chipset is claimed to deliver an optimal experience for listening and speaking. It can even offer local MP3 playback and provides a standalone music experience.

The MT2533D comes with 128KB IRAM, 250KB DRAM and 96KB SRAM through the integrated DSP. These help in enabling speech enhancement algorithms. Moreover, the DSP has a native dual-microphone noise reduction (DMNR) technology to omit ambient sound while capturing a local audio.

MediaTek has provided third-party software support on the MT2533D to enable advanced features like voice wake-up command. Automakers can leverage the minimal presence of the latest chipset and bring hands-free voice calling on their vehicles. There are also features such as display and camera interfaces and additional connectivity options like Wi-Fi.

The MediaTek MT2533D will be shipped to device manufacturers later this quarter. Developers would be provided with some open source modules through the FreeRTOS platform to expand the new development.

It appears that the newest chipset by MediaTek would help some Apple rivals to design their Airpod alternatives. These are likely to be quite cheaper than the Apple model that comes at $159 (approx. Rs. 10,800).

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