Lollipop version becomes most-popular Android ever

Lollipop version becomes most-popular Android ever

Android is undoubtedly leading the smartphone market. But when it comes to the leading Android version, Lollipop now emerged as the most-popular and the most-used Android in its history.

Google has updated its stats on the Platform Versions page that shows how Android Lollipop surpassed its KitKat version to get on the top. The latest figures reveal that Android Lollipop has a total distribution share of over 36 percent, while KitKat comes to the second position with a share of 34.3 percent.

Android Lollipop was first launched as the 5.0 version in October 2014. Later, it was updated to Android 5.1 with some performance improvements and tweaks. The update was debuted on the Nexus 9 and was rolled out for other Nexus devices following its official launch.

Most popular Android Lollipop distribution

Android Lollipop leads the race with over 36 percent distribution share (Source: Google)

While Google’s latest data make Android Lollipop the leader, its latest Marshmallow version is still far behind in the race. Android 6.0 Marshmallow was released as the newest version of the open-source operating system last year. Although most of the Nexus devices and Android One smartphones now run on the Marshmallow version, its out of the box experience on new devices like the LG G5 and Samsung Galaxy S7 is yet to hit the market.

The stats show that Android Marshmallow got a distribution share of 2.3 percent between February and March, up just 1.1 percent from January-February period.

One of the primary reasons for the slow growth of Marshmallow and expansion of Lollipop is the delay in releasing firmware upgrades among Android devices.

Smartphone vendors such as HTC, LG, Samsung and Sony haven’t released Android Marshmallow update for most of their devices. Additionally, hundreds of smartphones and tablets today┬ácome with the older and dated Lollipop version.

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