LG to showcase 5-inch flexible OLED panels and curved 55-inch OLED TV at SID

LG to showcase 5-inch flexible OLED panels and curved 55-inch OLED TV at SID

LG Display is all set to showcase its new range of display panels at the upcoming Society for Information Display’s (SID) Display Week 2013 in Vancouver, Canada. The new range of display panels include a 5-inch flexible OLED panels and curved 55-inch OLED TV. Besides, LG will also unveiled mobile panels applied with Oxide Thin Film Transistor (TFT) which is viewed as the next generation TFT technology.

LG flexible displayOn announcing the introduction of new display panels, Dr. Sang-Deok Yeo, CTO and Executive Vice President of LG Display said;

“Recent trends indicate that the small- and medium-sized display market is moving towards high resolution and low power consumption, and the large panel market to OLED and Ultra HD. With the resulting rapid need for new display advancements, LG Display, at the forefront of these trends, is well positioned to lead the market with its differentiated and cutting-edge technologies.”

LG Display will showcase a curved 55-inch OLED TV, along with standard 55-inch OLED TV at the event. These new TVs will be based on WRGB OLED technology and the company has revealed that the curved 55-inch OLED TV a new futuristic design. Besides the new OLED TVs, LG will also demonstrate a panel for 23.8-inch monitors which is claimed to be the world’s first Ultra HD panel in this size segment. The company will also showcase a 14-inch Quadruple HD (2,560 x 1,440 pixels) panel for laptops, and the world’s first 7-inch Full HD panel for tablets that exceeds 300 pixels per inch (ppi) pixel density.

The most anticipated technology by LG will be the 5-inch flexible OLED display panels. According to LG, the new 5-inch OLED panels will have flexible design and the manufacturer has used plastic to make the display unit unbreakable. As the usage of smart devices increased, the risk factor of damages through drops, hits, and other accidents also increased at a pace. In this regard, LG has come up with the solution as a flexible display panel.

Additionally, the company will also showcase 5-inch and 7-inch HD LCD panels based on Oxide TFT technology. The new range of Oxide TFT display panels some major advantages over the traditional TFT panels, including thin design, high transparency, and low power consumption. The 5-inch HD panel will feature 1.0mm bezel which reduces the width of the upcoming devices and allowing production of borderless smartphones. The 7-inch HD LCD panel is equipped with touch function-embedded technology which is claimed to enable superior touch functionality in thin and lightweight mobile products.

LG has also revealed that it will unveil a new type of LCD which can depict the highest level of color reproduction ratio for implementation across various industries. Some products with this technology will include a transparent 47-inch LCD panel for refrigerators featuring a 15 percent increase in transparency while maintaining NTSC 72 percent or the same as generic HDTVs, a 12.3-inch Full HD LCD panel for automotive dashboards with 800nit high brightness and 85 percent color reproduction ratio and a 24-inch Adobe RGB monitor panel for professionals with 100 percent color reproduction ratio.

LG will also showcase exemplary borderless technology with a 5-inch HD LCD panel for smartphones with 1.0mm bezel. The company will demonstrate some other display panels with narrow bezel, including 13.3-inch Full HD LCD Neo Edge panel for laptops with 1.5mm bezel, a 23.8-inch Full HD LCD Neo Blade panel for monitors with 3.5mm bezel, and a 55-inch LCD panel for video walls with 5.3mm bezel.

Society for Information Display’s (SID) Display Week 2013 will be held in Vancouver, Canada from May 19 to 24.

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