LG unveils Smart Lamp that works with Android and iOS devices

LG unveils Smart Lamp that works with Android and iOS devices

With a step into a new vertical, LG today unveiled its Smart Lamp. LG Smart Lamp is a 10W smart bulb that comes with Android and iOS compatibility and supports Bluetooth connectivity. On the best part, the Smart Lamp flashes at the time of voice calls on the paired device to notify users.

LG Smart Lamp bulb

LG Smart Lamb with Android and iOS compatibility

LG Smart Lamp will be available in two light options – bulb color and day white. The company is claiming more than 10 years life of the smart bulbs when using five hours a day. Users can pair the Smart Lamp with their Android or iOS devices after installing ‘LG smart lighting’ app from the respective app stores.

LG smart lighting app is compatible with devices running on at least Android 4.3 Jelly Bean or iOS 6.0 operating systems. The app has “Security Mode” which switches on the light to mimic someone being at home. Furthermore, the app has “Play Mode” which blinks and adjusts the brightness of the smart bulb when music is playing on the paired Android device.

With a price tag of 35,000 won (Rs. 2,000 approx.), LG Smart Lamp is expected to reach the Korean market in the coming future. The pricing and availability of the Smart Lamp in other regions are yet to be revealed.

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