LG G2 review: Rear key concept succeeded

LG G2 review: Rear key concept succeeded


The worldwide smartphone market is full of smartphones with similar designing and identical features list. In such homogenous market, LG has come up with its new flagship to offer something different. LG G2 is the smartphone by the Korean vendor featuring rear key concept. Though the positioning of the keys on the rear was initially a concept to make the flagship smartphone distinguished, the concept succeeded and proven overall success of the smartphone. Apart from the rear key concept, LG G2 has a number of features and an all new designing which easily grabs attention of everyone. With high-end specifications and unique design, LG seemingly has a perfect smartphone to gain from the market. So let’s get deeper into our in-depth review on LG G2 to know about its features in detail.

LG G2 review


What’s in the Box

LG G2 is the flagship smartphone and being a flagship, the retail box must need to have some useful stuff inside. LG has done the job in a similar manner and provided all the useful contents inside the box. As we have a review unit for testing, the box design is completely different from the retail box but the contents are same.


LG G2 with box accessories

In the retail box of LG G2, the unit itself is available on the top and rest of the contents are underneath. There is a USB-to-microUSB data cable, QuadBeat v2 headset, charger and a user manual. The QuadBeat v2 headset features flat ribbon cable which feels as a premium cable and a remote is available along with a microphone for handling calls. A couple of extra ear knobs are also available inside the box.

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