LG G Watch R to be most expensive Android Wear smartwatch

LG G Watch R to be most expensive Android Wear smartwatch

While LG G Watch R is heading to the IFA 2014, its price tag went official through the company’s Germany branch. The price tag of €299 (approximately Rs. 24,000) makes it as the most expensive Android Wear smartwatch to date.

As first spotted by the folks at Android Police, LG Germany revealed details about the price and availability of the G Watch R through a press release. The press release originally stated that the company’s round version of G Watch will be available the country “from October at a recommended retail price of 299 euros”. However, the company altered the release to continue keep the details under wraps.

The price tag revealed through the release certainly confirms that the G Watch R will be pricier than Motorola Moto 360 which recently came up as an expensive smartwatch for $249.99 (approximately Rs. 15,000).

The presence of a round R-OLED display, IP67 certified built and a slew of sensors could be the major factors behind the expensive price of the G Watch R. It is quite presumable that as the smartwatch is based on Android Wear, it would not have any major differences compared with Samsung Gear Live and even with the original LG G Watch.

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