LG comes up with promo video of Optimus G, also shows the concept of QSlide

LG comes up with promo video of Optimus G, also shows the concept of QSlide

LG’s flagship smartphone, Optimus G already gain much attraction due to its innovative and distinguish features. LG also tries to promote the flagship by showing promos and concept videos from time to time. The smartphone is already unveiled several days ago but not yet available in the market. The Optimus G is one of the most popular high-end smartphone and it is one of the most famous flagship smartphone by LG.

LG Optimus G

LG Optimus G

Recently LG comes up with a video showing the concept of QSlide, which we feel as a looking-forward concept in the smartphones. The QSlide feature is basically a multi-tasking feature, but it’s not a simple multi-tasking, something different in nature, as Samsung shown the Split-Screen on Galaxy Note II and Galaxy Note 10.1. But the concept is not exactly same as the Split-Screen. By using QSlide feature, user can perform one task and also take a look at another task on the same time, it can be done because the second task spots an opacity which helps user to view the first task opened in the background. It actually uses multi-tasking with overlay the apps one on one rather than making slides of apps.

QSlide on LG Optimus G

QSlide feature on LG Optimus G

QSlide is one of the most innovative method of multi-tasking and it takes the multi-tasking to the whole new level. LG’s senior research engineer, Sebastian Hochan Song shares the whole new concept of multi-tasking as QSlide through a video and also describes its function in the Optimus G.

Take a look at the official video showing concept of QSlide in LG Optimus G:

LG also comes up with the promo showing key specifications of the flagship smartphone, Optimus G. The promo focusing on the looks and the hardware of the flagship smartphone.

Watch promo of LG Optimus G:

The Optimus G has some features such as QSlide which makes the smartphone fully capable to compete its rivals, lets just wait for the official availability of the smartphone in the market. LG also recently announces Jelly Bean update for the Optimus G, which makes it a strong contender in high-end smartphones.

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