Lenovo U41-70 review: The Impeccable Notebook

Lenovo U41-70 review: The Impeccable Notebook


4.5 out of 5
4 out of 5
4 out of 5
4 out of 5
Battery Backup
4 out of 5
Operating System
4.5 out of 5
Value for Money


4.2 out of 5


  • Pros:

    Strudy built
    180-degree openable lid
    Backlit keyboard
    Windows 10 upgradable
    Stereo speakers

  • Cons:

    Inferior display
    A bit bulky

  • Conclusion:

    The Lenovo U41-70 is a great buy if you are looking for a decent mid-range notebook with a sturdy built. Moreover, if you don't want to spend more for an Ultrabook, but want to get the same experience, the U41-70 is one of the best picks for you.

With the swift decline in desktop market, people started opting for high-end notebooks and Ultrabooks to fulfill their computing needs. PC vendors such as Acer and HP already stepped into the market with their highly premium Ultrabooks. But recently, Chinese competitor Lenovo brought the U41-70 as its new U Series model to offer an affordable Ultrabook-like experience in a notebook built. The new notebook has an appealing design with a metal shell on top and is powered by a fifth-generation Intel Core i3 or Core i5 processors along with an optional dedicated graphics support. We have been using the Lenovo U41-70 from the last couple of weeks, and after a detailed testing, here is our in-depth review.

Lenovo U41-70

Lenovo U41-70

What’s in the Box

The Lenovo U41-70 comes in two different models in India. While the one with an integrated graphics support comes with a price tag of Rs. 39,790, the other one with a dedicated graphics support is priced at Rs. 51,090.

Lenovo has not provided any accessories with both the models of the U41-70. However, you’ll find a standard AC charger inside the retail box.


Lenovo is one of the key players in the market that offers robust built on its notebooks. The U41-70 continues the company’s pride with its solid design that has an impressive mix of metal and plastic.

The Lenovo U41-70 features a matte aluminium lid that comes in flamenco red and silver color options. The unit that we got from the company’s side is in red color and gives a bold feel to the end users. Apart from the aluminium covering, the lid has a Lenovo’s logo with metallic finish.

Lenovo U41-70

Lenovo U41-70 with matte finish lid

Once the lid is open, there is a black matte-finished plastic frame around the display and a glossy, brushed black area around the keyboard. The company has not made any promise but the built quality of the U41-70 is quite sturdy and is perhaps more durable than most of the same-segment notebooks. One cannot open the lid with a single hand, but the there isn’t much force needed to start working on the notebook with using two hands.

The Lenovo U41-70 does not have a two-hinge design that available on most of the mid-range notebooks. But to distinguish its offerings, the company has provided a unique design that allows users to open the lid by maximum 180 degrees. This means that it provides a comfortable experience, irrespective of any limitation on the opening angles front.

Lenovo U41-70

Lenovo U41-70 with unique 180-degree hinge design

For typing, there is an AccuType, chiclet-style keyboard that has an LED backlight to enable typing even under dark. The notebook also has a multi-touch supported touchpad just below the keyboard. We are covering the keyboard performance as well as typing experience in the next section.

Lenovo U41-70 keyboard

Lenovo U41-70 with AccuType backlit keyboard

On the left, the Lenovo U41-70 has a Kensington lock, power port, USB 2.0, card reader, 3.5mm audio jack and two white-colored status LEDs for battery and power notifications.

Lenovo U41-70

Lenovo U41-70 with Kensington lock, power port, USB 2.0, card reader, 3.5mm audio jack and two status LEDs on left

The right side has a pinhole microphone, two USB 3.0, expandable Gigabit-LAN (RJ45) port and an HDMI port.

Lenovo U41-70

Lenovo U41-70 with pinhole microphone, two USB 3.0 ports, expandable Ethernet port and HDMI port on right

Lenovo has not provided any ports or status LEDs on the front of the U41-70 notebook. But a set of speakers to produce stereophonic audio is available on the bottom.

Lenovo U41-70

Lenovo U41-70 with two stereo speakers on bottom

Overall, the design of the Lenovo U41-70 makes it a decent offering against some of the entry-level Ultrabooks. The notebook does not have a feather-light design, unlike Apple MacBook Air or affordable Windows running Ultrabooks, but its weight at 1.68 kilograms is not too heavy for regular usage. Besides, it has a width of 13.39 centimetres and a height of 9.45 centimetres.

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