Jolla Tablet is no more; early backers to receive refunds

Jolla Tablet is no more; early backers to receive refunds

Jolla has officially announced that it has killed the highly popular Jolla Tablet. The Finnish company is capable to ship only its 540 units starting this February and early backers who supported the crowd-funded project will receive refunds, instead of the tablet in reality.

The Jolla Tablet was one of the most interesting offerings in 2015. It raised $2.5 million through an Indiegogo listing that ended in September last year. Although the tablet was designed to take on Nokia N1 and was aimed to be available in India and other worldwide markets by last October, it has just received an official closure.

“We have been analysing different alternatives regarding the Jolla Tablet project situation,” writes Antti Saarnio, co-founder and chairman, Jolla, in a blog post. “But no matter how you come at it, the tight financial situation remains a major constraint and therefore a main driver of the solution. Furthermore, due to the delays in the latest financing round it has simply become too late to produce all the tablets for the project.”

Jolla Tablet

Jolla Tablet is now dead!

Saarnio confirms that Jolla is set to ship the available tablet stock by the coming month. However, backers who’ll receive the refund are likely to wait for some more time as the amount will be transformed in two parts “due to the financial constraints”. He mentions that half of the refund will be provided sometime during the first quarter while the other half will come to the accounts later this year.

“The Tablet shipping and refund processes start immediately once all the practicalities are in place. Specific to refunding, we plan to establish and ramp up the refunding process and start refunding during the course of February,” he adds.

Helsinki, Finland-based Jolla is facing a tight financial situation since last November. It even applied for debt-restructuring in Finland to resolve the issues and had temporarily laid off several of its employees in the past.

The lack of finance has resulted in the emergence of an option for backers to donate their refunds. But of course, these would not help the company retain the development of its tablet. And thus, it’s time to say goodbye to the iconic Jolla Tablet, even ahead of its formal launch.

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