iRevo SmartTV and SmartPC launched in India to provide smarter experience

iRevo SmartTV and SmartPC launched in India to provide smarter experience

iRevo Multimedia today officially launched the iRevo SmartTV and iRevo SmartPC in India. Both the devices will be available in the country through all the leading outlets and major online shopping portals starting today.

The iRevo SmartTV replaces the traditional set-top box with its smart features that are based on the proprietary iRevo Cloud platform and iRevo software integration. The device has an interactive user interface based on the company’s Active Tile technology and comes bundled with an iRevo Air Mouse and a remote control.

The interface on the iRevo SmartTV supports nine Indian regional languages and provides content curation directly in local languages.

Users on iRevo SmartTV can watch TV content, movies, music videos and online entertainment content right on their television sets. In addition, it provides social media content access and has PlayCast support to let users access all the content from their smartphone or tablet directly on their televisions using iRevo app.

The iRevo SmartPC, on the other hand, works as a computing device to lets students, families and small businesses can get a decent workspace based on Android 4.4 KitKat operating system. The device has iRevo WebTop and is powered by a quad-core CPU, “plenty of” DRAM and a Solid State Drive (SSD) for storage.

iRevo has provided Google Play Store on the iRevo SmartPC to enable users to easily get Android apps on their computer screen.

The main unit of the iRevo SmartPC connects to LED, LCD, plasma or CRT TV panels through an HDMI port while there is a bundled wireless keyboard and a mouse for input operations.

On announcing the launch of new iRevo devices, Dhimant Bhayani, Founder and CEO of iRevo, said:

“With the world fast shrinking and technology uniting all of us, we want to be an active player in getting users connected online, in the best possible way. We plan to do so by creating a robust network by partnering with ISPs, MSOs and Telcos. This will result in bringing cost-effective bundling of the iRevo SmartPC with bandwidth plans. Participating in the various Digital India initiatives with the PMO is sure to put our plans on the fast track. What excites us further is that iRevo supports Kids View that provides educational content and safe browsing for kids, an absolute urgency of the hour. With viruses and pop-ups gone, user can now enjoy a superior browsing experience that is world-class, right here in India.”

The iRevo SmartTV is available in the Indian market with a price tag of Rs. 8,499 along with an Air Mouse and Rs. 7,499 with an IR Remote while the iRevo SmartPC carries a starting price of Rs. 7,499. Both the devices come with one year warranty in the country.

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