iPhone 5s discontinued; iPhone SE is now cheapest option

iPhone 5s discontinued; iPhone SE is now cheapest option

Apple has finally discontinued its 4-inch iPhone model — the iPhone 5s. The new update emerges following the arrival of the iPhone SE.

With the discontinuation of the iPhone 5s, Apple now has just three iPhone models to rival the army of Android and Windows Phone devices. The streamlined iPhone lineup includes the iPhone 6 from 2014, the iPhone 6s from 2015 and the iPhone SE from 2016. Of course, there is a space for the iPhone 7 as well, but official details are yet to be announced.

iPhone 5s discontinued

Apple’s 2016 iPhone lineup excludes the iPhone 5s

Notably, the new change has made the iPhone SE as the cheapest iPhone model in the new lineup. Although the price of the new 4-inch iPhone model is yet to be revealed in India, it starts at $399 in the US. This is nowhere close the current price of the iPhone 5s, which you may get for somewhere around Rs. 20,000 in the Indian market.

Apple brought the iPhone 5s as the successor to its iPhone 5 in September 2013. This was the company’s first iPhone model with 64-bit chip and Touch ID fingerprint sensor. Also, this was the first one to sport dual-tone LED flash on the back.

Apple iPhone 5s

Apple iPhone 5s

The Apple iPhone 5s wasn’t a dull model for the Cupertino giant. In fact, its design apparently appealed the Tim Cook-led team a lot. This is why it brought the iPhone SE with almost¬†the same build.

However, the decline in the price of the iPhone 5s brought some tension for Apple as Cook doesn’t want to play in the field of “cheap” smartphones.

At the time of writing this story, the 16GB variant of the iPhone 5s is available for an as low price as Rs. 18,299, while its 32GB variant is listed online for Rs. 24,600. These prices are certainly quite lesser than the original starting price of the iPhone model that once competed with the Galaxy S5, HTC One and Sony Xperia Z2.

Despite the low price, the iPhone 5s is still a good option. It’s a must buy if you’ve not yet tested an iPhone.

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