iOS 9.3 brings Night Shift to reduce blue light from your Apple device

iOS 9.3 brings Night Shift to reduce blue light from your Apple device

Apple has designed iOS 9.3 with a Night Shift feature that eases your reading experience by reducing blue light. The new iOS version is initially available as a beta release for developers.

Similar to F.lux feature that already available on Mac and Windows, Night Shift uses your iOS device’s clock and geolocation to automatically shift the colors in your display. The feature reduces the amount of blue light to make you comfortably fall asleep in night. And in the next morning, it switches back to the regular display settings.

The development of Apple’s Night Shift feature comes months after Amazon released ‘Blue Shade’ for the Kindle Fire lineup. That feature was identically designed to reduce blue light from the display panel to deliver a comfortable reading experience.

iOS 9.3 with Night Shift

Apple’s iOS 9.3 comes preloaded with Night Shift feature

Apart from the new feature to provide you a good night sleep, iOS 9.3 includes an improved News app. The app will now suggest you trending topics and Editor’s Picks. It also gets the ability to let you watch videos directly from your feed and provides you the ability to view content in landscape.

Apple has also added a new version of its Health app that brings a slider menu for categories like Weight, Workouts and Sleep. In addition, you can get all your health-related data from your Apple Watch and even use third-party apps to see all health metrics on the go.

Especially for iPad devices, iOS 9.3 has Apple School app. This new app will help students through some new educational capabilities on iPad and will compete against features that Google Classroom brought to Android and iOS devices in January last year.

In addition to iOS running iPhone and iPad, Apple has developed some new features for CarPlay as well. There is Apple Music with the New and For You sections to let you playback your favourite songs, artists and albums directly from your in-car system. The company has also provided Nearby feature in Maps to help you finding places for fuel, parking and restaurants right at the time of your journey.

You can experience all the new features in iOS 9.3 by downloading its developer preview today. It would also be arrived as a public beta version in the coming days.

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